M.V. “Andiamo” (Custom bar)

T.D.Hoorah! The bar got here Friday, just before we left for Catalina. It installed quickly and easily. Our mooring in Two Harbors is sort of windy and rocky and the new device is wonderful! No more leaping into the dinghy trying to time the ups and downs...no more crawling onto the dock. The queen in our family is very pleased to be able to keep her white pants clean. — Chuck C.


D.M. – M.V. “Puffin”

For someone who has experienced more difficulty getting in and out of any dinghy due to increasing joint issues, the Ding-EZ is a godsend. Last year, I was pretty much confined to the boat unless we docked - not how we want to spend our boating days! We prefer to be at anchor, using the dinghy to explore and get to beaches. Now I can do this again instead of being somewhat confined to the boat. And Dan once more has the pleasure of my company (!) on dinghy adventures.


T.D. - M.V. "Anna's Choice"

T.D.Installation wasn't difficult. My wife was able to get out of the dink without crawling for the first time, EVER! Yeah… success!


Capt. H.R. -S.V. "La Nostra"

Capt. H.R.Most of our charter guests are unaccustomed to using an inflatable. This season we had a ding-ez installed, and it worked just fine. It drew lots of attention and got great reviews. It popped into place when needed, giving my wobbly novices a stable and secure handhold that just made life aboard safer and easier. Especially for the captain, who worried a whole lot less about his guests! ding-ez is a truly great product.



R.B.I'm a professional sailboat photographer and publisher. I shoot races, regattas and club activities from my inflatable all around the New York area. My new ding-ez allows me to stay steady on my feet while doing photo shoots, even out on the water and under way. Man is that fun! Yet I can fold the ding-ez down and carry it home on the roof of my car. I heartily recommend it.



S.L.I turned 59 (again), last year, and the constant struggling in and out of the dingy to get from a mooring to the dock, was becoming too hard on these old knees. On the 4th of July, I demanded we stay at a dock for the rest of the season. But my husband bought us ding-ez instead. We stayed on moorings on Martha's Vineyard for 6 weeks for $40./nite. Getting back and forth to shore in the inflatable was easy again, with the help of the amazing ding-ez! The whole 6 weeks cost under $1700. for moorings. Dock space on The Vineyard for 6 weeks would have cost us $9,000. Thank you ding-ez!!!


J.McC  M.V. "Honga"

This is me, enjoying piloting from a standing position. I get lots of positive comments, we are very satisfied.


P.F.  - S.V.  “Aldebaran”

As you  can see,from the attached picture, we sail with our dog. This necessitates 2 trips to shore minimum every day. I get to observe a lot of activity around the dingy docks. People board their dingies in the most inelegant ways. Some crawl on hands and knees, some sit on their butts and “bump along” until they are aboard. My wife and I used to do the same. Now, with our new ding-ez, we step in and step out. My wife's quote was: "I love it, I love it, I love it...It's the best thing you ever bought for our boat"!


D.L.  - S.V. “Sequel”

We are the outboard boat at G.I. Boat Yard and many folks passing by come and ask about our ding-ez. The installation is first class, looks like a factory install. This old duffer looks maybe 30 years younger getting in and out of the inflatable with aplomb, and standing up rather than crawling cautiously on hands and knees. Thank you for extending my grace and charm.


Capt. J.M. -M.V. "Sereni-TEE"

We frequently cruise with non-boating friends and small children. For many of these folks, the getting back and forth in the inflatable turns into a hazardous and tense affair that I have to oversee myself. I bought one of the first ding-ez last year. Now my kids fight over who will take grandma to the dock from the anchorage. ding-ez is the best peace-of-mind investment I ever made!


 H.C. -S.V. “Why Knot”

We are back from 2 months in the Abacos, where our ding-ez drew lots of positive attention. We think it is the best boat addition we have made in years! Our knees and hips thank you. Motoring while standing makes it way easier to spot and avoid dangerous bottom structures.


 T. Mc K. Charter Sailing Vessel: "Safari"


 As you can see, my charter quests absolutely love the bow bar. Novices one & all, and not all light on their feet.


E&B T. S.V. "Calico Jack"

She's already telling everyone how much she loves it. I've tried standing while running and the visibility is much better.

Slow speed piloting while standing at the bar is fine I lean my body weight to the side to turn. Neat trick - I was surprised to get such good control of the boat at slow speeds. And visibility Is much better while standing under way as you can see in the video, I didn't hit that other boat.







Capt. Charles Martin

Here are some pictures the first passengers on my new inflatable to the New Dungeness Lighthouse. It's wonderful tool and a great safety feature to loading and unloading passengers.















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