Most boating accidents resulting in personal injury to people happen during transfer. The dingy is the cruisers “instrument of transfer”. You Tube has dozens of videos of mishaps involving people getting in & out of their dingies. The ding-ez company was started when someone came up with a good device to make it easier and safer to get in & out of these skittish little boats.

Cruising boaters will spend 1 day piloting the cruising vessel to a beautiful anchorage and spend the next week piloting the dingy from the boat to shore and back 4 or 5 times a day. All ding-ez products have been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of cruising boaters by making the dingy more user friendly. That might just be a hand up boarding and exiting, or driving from a standing helm so you can spot shallows or obstacles. Whether out for a day sail, or spending a month Island hopping in the Aegean, commuting back and forth in your tender can be as relaxed and comfortable an experience as coming downstairs for breakfast in the morning. Every professional launch has a boarding bar, why shouldn’t yours?

Pro Motor Launch

Our products have appeared on the bow, amid-ships, aft, added to existing center consoles, and on the dock. Some have even been mounted on outdoor decks and tubs.

We hope you enjoy browsing our lineup of products. We are sure that you will come across some items that work particularly well for your situation. If your challenge is more unique, please feel free to e-mail or call.  Unique problems provide the opportunity for us to create unique solutions, and that is always fun.

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Boarding & Driving Bars

The Boarding Bar

Our Signature product - Ding-EZ Boarding and Driving Bars are always EZ to reach – collapses with the pull of a quick-pin.

  • Make cruising more fun: never have to crawl, wiggle or flop into or out of your dink again!
  • Be comfortable “commuting” to shore from a mooring, and SAVE 75% of dock costs.
  • Can install on Fiberglass, Soft Floor, V-Fllor or Panel Floor and Custom installations.
  • Convert your Boarding Bar to a DRIVING BAR with HEAVY DUTY POWER-STRUTS.
    Adds pulling power to your bar, collapses with the pull of a quick-pin.
  • Available options include: Folding Boarding Handles, Integrated Jump Seats and Aft Leaning Posts.

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Consolettes & Consoles

Ding-EZ Consolette with Passenger

The ultimate mini-center-console for your dingy. Ding-EZ Consoles and Consolettes are made from 100% boat safety rail with welded fittings, the consolette is strong. Its’ lighter than fiberglass, see-through frame construction makes stretching his legs out a breeze for the helmsman when seated… even with a passenger in the jump seat.

  • The stand-up, centered helm affords the helmsman the best possible visibility, tracking and control… allowing him to stand & carve his turns, or engage tiller steering at will.
  • A short tiller extension puts the tiller close at hand whether standing, or seated on our optional aft leaning-post
  • Available as a fixed center-consolette, or a fully collapsible unit
  • Wheel Consolette and Consoles also availble
  • Options incliude: Integrated jump seats, Fold-up Boarding handles, Aft Leaning Post and Bench Seat

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Ladder Deployed
Ding-EZ Ribmount Hinge and Fancy Quickpin
Ding-EZ Hinge Bikini Bacl
Ding-EZ Pontoon Step Guard

Accessories to enhance and complete your Ding-EZ Product.

  • Reboardig Swim Ladder - compact, easy to unfold, reasonably priced, 100% rigid ladder, 100% stainless steel
  • Fancy Push Button Quick Pins
  • Bikinis covers for Ribmount and Railmount Hinges
  • Poontoon Step Guards

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